Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Trevi Fountain & other photos

Trevi Fountain

I got to skype Happy and Marvelous who
were both baptized this past Saturday.

One more pic with their cute little girl Purity
I love Gelato
more Trevi Fountain pictures

random photos (temple in the background)

with my comp Sorella Yanacallo

more Gelato

The Zapatas (one of my previous comps parents)

Did I mention I love gelato?

Monday, July 9, 2018

Happy and Marvelous 2.0

I'm pleased to introduce to my loyal readers....
Happy and Marvelous 2.0!!! 

Their names are Faith and Daniel, and their 8 month old baby boy is named Destiny. Here's the story.
My first day in Rome with Sorella Yanacallo we were on the bus going to visit a member! On the bus was this really cute girl with a really cute baby. Still heartbroken over leaving Siracusa, Happy, and Marvelous I started talking to the baby. Then the girl. I found out her name is Faith and she's from....Nigeria!!!! So I told her about my friends from Nigeria, showed her picture evidence that I had eaten fufu among other African foods, and bam we became instant friends. 

She said she's Christian and goes to an African church here in Rome (not for long hehehe) so we exchanged numbers and then this week we met up with her! To make things even better, she brought her husband, Daniel!!!!! We had planned on talking with them about the Restoration but a few minutes into it Daniel blurts out "Wait I have a question I need to ask you people. Where do the spirits of dead people go while they wait for the judgement day?" Wow. I was floored by that, we quickly changed plans and taught them about the Plan of Salvation! It was really great, they were understanding, asking questions, amazing. Then at the end I asked what other questions they had. Daniel responded "When are we meeting again?" Well, isn't that the question every missionary prays to hear!!!! THEN Faith came to church yesterday!!!! It took several buses and metros but she made it with Destiny! Daniel couldn't come because he works in Napoli or something along those lines. AND the church has set up this organization in Rome, The Friendship Center, it's a big center where refugees can go and make friends, they have lots of activities, teach English and Italian, etc. So we will be taking Faith there this afternoon for women's day to eat lunch, paint nails, ahhh missionary work is the best. 

Okay and while we are on the subject of Happy and Marvelous......Sorella Hope called me this week with some really exciting news!!!!!!!!!!! Happy will be getting baptized on Saturday, the 14th!! She finally got her answer and knows this is the right thing and wow I couldn't be happier. And Marvelous is still praying for his answer! I am so so happy for them and their cute family, ahhh missionary work is the best.
The temple!  View from the info center.
Picture taken with my phone. (It doesn't look real)
 We got to work at the temple 3 times this week!!!!! It is coming right along and they've almost got all of the grass done it looks incredible. How it works is we go for 1 shift at a time, we worked Tuesday from 1-4:30 and again yesterday from 5-8! We stay in the little visitors center trailer and when people come we give them a little rundown, info, and take their picture! The trailer has huge windows and the best view of the temple (see my picture) plus it also has a miniature diagram thingy (what are those called?) of the whole square (stake center, visitors center, lodging, temple) it's really cool and it's cool to see the site becoming more like that diagram every day! Most of the people that come to the information center are American tourists that are members so it's fun getting to talk with members in English for a little and meet people from all over the U.S.! Sometimes we have Italians come in that are just curious about this huge church being built by their house! And Wednesday we had a really special temple experience that I can't wait to tell you about (if you email me personally), but let's just say it's an experience I never thought I'd have as a missionary in the Italy Rome Mission. A 4th of July I will never forget, that's for sure. And we get to do it again this Wednesday!!

I completely forgot it was 4th of July so last Monday night when I did remember we started making phone calls like crazy trying to organize some kind of something! (The ward in Siracusa was having a big ward party.... that's right, Italians celebrate American independence day😎). We managed to get some English students who were down, a couple members too, so with a small trip to LIDL for food, the Chinese store for balloons and other red/white/blue randomness, we had a fun little festa at the church and played games... we had a great turnout considering the late notice and everyone had a great time!! 

I have to add that although our English course is starting to die out (everyone goes on vacation for the whole summer) the people that come are AMAZING. There's this really cute family from....Ecuador!!! (How perfect because that's where Sorella Yanacallo is from) and they all come! Apparently the sisters gave them a copy of The Book of Mormon last transfer and then on Saturday we will be going to their house so more to come!!  Plus we have this cute older couple, Enzo and Bianca, that just support everything! The ward had a little activity on Saturday morning and we called last minute to invite them and they came! We gave them a copy of The Book of Mormon this week!!!! Forza corso d'inglese

My cute comp ❤
I should probably mention that being comps with Sorella Yanacallo is the best. Although it's hard sometimes because we communicate with each other in a language that isn't either of our first language, we manage to do just fine!! But now I know why she's here in Rome, there are TONS of people that live here that are from South America. Just to give you a small example: we had gospel principles class in Italian yesterday but it should've been done in Spanish because there were like 3 of us in the class that didn't speak spanish...everyone else did hahaha. And it's cool because we meet so many people on the streets, on the metro, etc. that say "sorry, I only speak spanish" and then Sorella Yanacallo just goes for it, so awesome. She is so sweet and a really good missionary! I think her last comps have been sheltering her hahah because this week after exchanging phone numbers with someone she said "the first time I've done that myself!" She is so awesome and really helping me. So yeah, we've met some really cool potentials from Peru, Ecuador, all over.... the ones from Peru it's cool because I just whip out my pictures from HEFY. It's also cool how similar Spanish is to Italian..... surprisingly understandable!! 

And speaking of people from Ecuador..... on Saturday we had pranzo with the Zapata family! Remember Sorella Zapata, my Ecuadorian comp when I was in Sassari? Well, her parents are in the Rome 2 ward and we had pranzo with them! It was legit, we even had ceviche. So they were super cute and it was a blast meeting them but also weird meeting the parents of your comp while you're still out! And Sorella Zapata will come home while I'm in this ward which is even weirder but so fun!!

Okay I have to throw in this random thing that I can finally drink tap water.... hahaha I've spent so much money on water since being here because I drink a ton but now we can drink the tap because it's cleaner in Rome!! meno male! 

Gioia. She's a 16 year old investigator we have that is so cute, I met her for the first time this week! And she came to church yesterday and is making great friends with the few young women that the ward has. Yesterday afternoon, she called us kind of distraught and asked if we could come see her but we were at the temple! Sorella Yanacallo said, hey we are at a place that will bring you so much peace, you should come. She said "okay send me your location and I'll be there as fast as I can!" Her dad drove her to the temple and we just sat in the information center looking out those big windows just soaking it in for a good while, you could see the peace gradually entering her countenance. We got to talking about the temple, then her dad came inside and he had TONS of questions which we answered best we could, but mainly he just kept saying "Gioia and I are going to come back here in January to see the inside! We will be here the first day!!" Wow! We talked with them for a while and it turned out to be a really awesome experience so we are going to try to meet up with Gioia, her mom, and her dad this week! Just need to work around their work schedules🤞

As far as investigators and the work goes......well I guess we technically have lots of investigators but not many of them are really investigators. In the sense that they'd been taught a gospel principle, etc. but haven't been seen again. Awk. So I hate to come into a new area and rest everyone but we really need some new investigators!! Which leads us to lots of finding! Here in Rome the best finding method is public transport which I'd never done before so it's still pretty scary and intimidating. All my other cities have been smaller and we never used public transport but here you can't live without it. (still adjusting to all the chaos of Rome..... we go to bed just so exhausted and then it feels like our alarm goes off 10 minutes later to wake up) So if you have any public transport finding advice, hit me up. I've been asking all the missionaries and gotten some good help so I'm pumped to amp it up this week. Talking to random people as a missionary is something that's been really hard for me, I had gotten over that fear (a little) with street contacting and casa in casa, but now I feel like a greenie all over again! My comp knows the language perfectly, she knows the city and I follow her around, plus I am re-learning how to find hahaha. But hey, that's what the mission does to ya. Comfort zones just don't exist and we are always learning and growing in some way or another! 

That being said, I want to share with y'all a quote that really helped me out this week. Elder Uchtdorf says, "Our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we rise up, dust ourselves off, and move forward." So no matter how hard the days may be, and sometimes we might feel like we are failing, that doesn't define us. What matters is that we get up and try again! I know Heavenly Father loves me and you too and that He recognizes our efforts and loves us even when some days are hard! I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real, I've seen it help me every day of my mission. I am so thankful to be a representative of Him here in this beautiful country amongst the beautiful Italian people!


Sorella Carley Neuberger
Le Sorelle Missionarie
Piazza Bortolo Belotti, 55/21
Roma, RM 00139
gelato + brioche = 😄

our city

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Sistine Chapel

Now that I've been transferred to Rome (!!!!!!!!!!!) I'm going to just start labeling my emails by what we do for pday! Today we took a district trip to Vatican City, waited in line for about 3 hours (maybe more), and then gave ourselves a very thorough tour of the Sistine Chapel! It was incredible. Rome is absolutely beautiful and I can't believe that I actually get to live here and love these amazing people for the next few months!! 
Sorella Yanacallo with Sistine Chapel in the background
So backtrack. We got transfer calls last Monday night and I got transferred to Rome 2, which is like the center of Rome. So yeah we can proselyte next to the Roman Colosseum hehe. And we are in the temple district so my companion and I will get to go to the temporary temple visitors center and work there so I'm excited to see what that brings!! My new companion is Sorella Yanacallo, she is originally from Ecuador but has lived in Genova (Italy) for the past 8 years. So she speaks perfect Italian! And no English. These past couple of days have been a blast speaking only Italian so I'm looking forward to a whole transfer full of it. Funny, because if you would've asked me 2 weeks ago, I would've told you I wanted a companion that spoke Italian so I could speak only Italian for a transfer......that being said I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out!!!!! I've realized how much my Italian has improved the last several transfers and also how much more I have to learn! Sometimes I forget we are even speaking in Italian then I catch myself saying something in English and Sorella Yanacallo gives me a blank stare hahahahah. She is so cute and sweet we are going to be best friends. She's 23 years old and a convert of 6 years so she has a really cool story it's going to be awesome to see her share it with the people of Roma!!!!!! 

saying goodbye to Sorella Hope
Leaving Siracusa was really hard. Like really really hard. Because we got blown in (white washed) I felt like I was just getting to know the members and we were just starting to build a teaching pool so it was tough saying goodbye to everyone. I just tried to persuade them all to come visit me in Rome ;) . The worst part was that Happy and Marvelous were on vacation all week so I didn't even get to see them to say goodbye after we had gotten the transfer call 😭. But I will keep y'all update on what happens next with them so stay tuned 👌

We got transfer calls Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday were full of cleaning our house, packing, and trying to see everyone we possibly could! Then Wednesday evening we left for Catania, spent the night there, and I hopped on a train the next morning from Catania to Rome, that's 10 hours (or more) by the way. Saying goodbye to Sorella Hope was heartbreaking to put it nicely. We are literally soul sisters and I know we will be best friends for the rest of forever so I'm thankful that Heavenly Father saved her for this point in my life that we could meet and be mission companions. I learned so much from her and I'm so thankful for all of the laughs, memories, and good times we had in the beautiful city of Siracusa. So the train ride was beautiful, I really can't complain. The way it works is the train goes on a boat for a little to get from Sicily to the mainland and it's incredible. Then we took the train all the way up the coast just staring and the beautiful blue sea the whole time. It was something else!! Plus when we stopped in Napoli, Sorella Zapata brought us some pizza from Pelone.

Friday and Saturday we had MLC in Rome! It was really special on Friday, they drove all of us to the temple and set up a bunch of chairs there for the trainings. It was incredible being there in that still peacefulness and calm amid the chaos of Rome! The temple is so close to being finished and I think they're even putting in the grass tomorrow! 

The ward here in Rome 2 is gigantic....wow. I haven't been in a ward this big like ever it's kind of overwhelming! There are a lot of Americans too... some here for the temple construction, etc. Some here for the embassy. And so on. So that was really weird yesterday trying to introduce myself to people and not knowing whether to do it in English or Italian. haha. I am so excited to get to know all of them though and just really make this place home. 

Something from MLC that really resonated with me was when Sorella Pickerd said that "love is a choice". We choose to love our companion. We choose to love our family, friends, etc. We choose to love the Italians. But most importantly, we choose to love the Lord. I want you all to know that I love the Lord. I am so humbled to wear his name on my heart every day and share His love with the people that surround me! I know that He loves you too. 

Alla prossima! 

My new address️  + lots of pictures below.

Sorella Carley Neuberger
Le Sorelle Missionarie
Piazza Bortolo Belotti, 55/21
Roma, RM 00139

Saying goodbye to my friends in Siracusa and some pictures from inside the Sistine Chapel.